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first dedi server HELP!!!

Startup line
"C:\Documents and Settings\server\Desktop\Pub\cs_source\srcds.exe" -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +ip -port 21337 +maxplayers 32 -autoupdate -tickrate 66 -secure

2.8 Ghz Pentium 4
1024 Megabyte ddr Ram
80 Gigabyte ATA Drive
10 Gigabyte fibre interlink

running 32slot server

when i run just peoples tick including mine run at 30-40 when the server tick is set to 66.

there ping booster i'm using.but the server jumps to like 70-90% CPU.

with out the boost server is happy under 30% cpu but people dont get there full tick.

any ideas from any one?

is there anyway around this ?!?

with the fps booster looks like the server can only run 1 32man server @ 66 tick and thats pushing it.

Any suggestions or help please?
What are you using to boost your ping? When you say peoples tick run at 30-40, how are you gauging that? If you are using net_graph, the in should be real close to the tick, but only if sv_maxupdaterate is above the tickrate, if not, the in would be the sv_maxupdaterate. So for 66tick, set the sv_maxupdaterate to 80 (they say to go about 20% higher than tick...why, I don't know) As far as CPU usage, are you running any mods? I run a 12slot, and when full of bots it tops about 35% P4 2ghz overclocked to 2.67, 2gb ram. I just recently started using serverchecker to run my server ( i have heard a lot of people talking about it...) It has the kernel timer setting (fpsbooster) built in, so there is one less program running. That might help, but I am no expert. I would imagine that 32 slots would put a stress on the CPU.
small things.. for a windows box -autoupdate is a dead command, so take it out, and also -secure isn't a valid command either, secure is enabled by default..

Maks sure your updaterate is above the tickrate as j.christy says.. ping boosting really shouldn't effect the amount of updates.

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