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SRCDS Memory Crash
Server Specs****

Abit Motherboard
AMD XP 1800+ (1.24 ghz)
512 mb
320 GB of HD space

This computer has never had any major problems such as memory failures, HD failures or anything of the sort.

The Problem****

I downloaded the HL update program and installed SRCDS.exe, however when I run, and a client connects, the server crashes displaying the message:

"The memory cannot be read"

and then shuts down the server. The server is configured only to run on the LAN and not on the internet.

Please advise?
What am I doing wrong?
well worst case= your memory is defective. Just because it hasn't ever had a memory problem before, doesn't mean it doesn't have one. srcds is very memory intensive, so it brings out the worst in everything.

It may not be that though, you could try disabling virtual memory, that has helped me in the past.

When the server crashes is it on a stock map, like de_dust? or on some custom map. Also your not trying to play on the same computer are you?

Also, what OS does this pc run?
Thank you for the speedy reply.

I am running Windows XP on the server and no, I am not playing on the same computer. However, I am playing on the same network on a DLINK switch.

Well playing on the same network shouldn't cause it to crash the memory. My best guess would be to try disabling the servers virtual memory, if you don't know how to do it search around on google, right now i don't have time to explain the whole thing.

Really though, a ton of things can cause that error, its one of the hardest errors to fix sometimes.

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