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motd image size
What is the ideal MOTD image size for CS:S and DoD:S?

Everybody uses a different resolution, so i'm looking for an ideal mix. E.g. what code should I use in my MOTD?

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Most the time its smart not to use just 1 big image. Just make text in tables, so it will automatically adjust itself to the screens resolution. As for just an image, I wouldn't know what to use, something under 800 by 600 cuz theres some people out there that run that. But then again some run at 1600 by 1200, lol.
Been using custom HTML, but I like the idea of a nice image with not to many info on it.

And I know the problem is used resolution. I myself use 1600 x 1200 and others 1024 x 768... Will ask my scripter to look at this isue.
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Use Xhtml with <div> then use a stylesheet so chaning it later will be simple
Have you got an example?
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Got it figured out:

<title>motd and rules</title>    
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="white">    
<center><img width=100% border="0" src=""></center>    

I use: 730 x 375 as a .jpg resolution, so it exactly fits in the screens. Shortens the .jpg when using below 1024 x 768 and expanding it when using above resolution 1024 x 768.

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Use a persentage setting on the immage. I dont know the code but I have it in Adobie Golive CS2 and it works pritty well.
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