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Multiple Servers in LAN - only 1 in Serverlist
Hi folks,

is there any possibility to diplay the servers in the steam-serverlist if they are not using the default port?

I have 2 steam servers running on 1 machine:
1 CS:S and
1 CS 1.6

Both have default port 27015. So if I start both, only one can use 27015.
The other server is then started with +port 27025 - it doesn't show up in the steam serverlist but for Example in HLSW.

Any Idea?

it will show up in hlsw but not steam? thats odd.. it may just be because 27025 is kinda high of a port, try just like 27018. Also be sure that you have the port open in the firewall.

The main thing that gets me is hlsw sees it, but steam doesn't...
Problem solved:
27025 really seems to be too far away, port 27018 did the job.
HLSW just seems to scan a wider port Range.
With HLSW it is most of the time sufficient to supply only th IP and it will find any server using any port... Steam should learn from HLSW Big Grin

Thanx for the hint,


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