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srcds possible with 1.6? If not, where?
Hey, I've been using srcds for my source server. I was wondering if you can use it for counter-strike 1.6. If not, where can I? The default dedicated server that comes from steam is a piece of crap, and I have no idea how to set one up otherwise.

Thanks for the help.
You need to use hlds, not srcds, to run cs 1.6.

If you're using the steam update tool, use "-game cstrike" instead of "-game Counter-Strike Source".
HLDS was created by valve, so I assumed it was terrible. If theres no other alternative I'll try it...

I ran it, it grayed out the box for map as de_aztec, it has none of the correct files for me to put mods in etc, and it also gives me an error about port 27015 and won't run.

Starting up a server having to pick the max players + server name etc every single time might get frustrating.
srcds and hlds are both made by vALVE... ones for source games.. and the other is for hl based games...

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