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server with multiple NAT IPs problem

I have a Windows 2003 server which has 2 NICs in it.
The first has the IP and the second NIC has several IPs, which are,,

I am using an IPCop Linux firewall/router, which is forwarding all the CS:S needed UDP and TCP ports to (which is on the orange interface of the IPCop box).
The IPCop router has about 20 IP addresses on it, which it forwards to different 172.16.*.* addresses.

In my server.cfg file I have the following line at the top (but with the actual IP address)...

If I start the server with the following command everything works fine.
srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust +ip
I can connect to the server and play on it perfectly, however the server does not list in the Find Servers part of CS:S. I have waited overnight, removed all filters, tried gametiger. It's just not showing up.

If disable the NIC so srcds will only think Windows has 1 NIC and I remove the +ip switch from the start-up command, then type status in the console to see what IP it is using, forward all the ports to that IP, then I can no longer connect to the server via my favourites in CS:S, it breaks.

By using netstat I can see that it connects to when the server starts and I've used Ethereal to sniff the data it sends. It tells steam all about my server but it doesn't include the IP address. I guessed (I don't know if I'm correct) that steam lists the server by the source address of the packets sent to steam when it connects to tell steam about itself (as I couldn't see my IP address in any of the data sent when sniffed with ethereal), so I changed the forwarding to use the default IP on the router (IPCop) that shows up when I use I also changed IP to that IP in server.cfg, but still it will not show up in the list of internet servers.

I think that covers everything, I've been trying to get this working all weekend and it's doing my head in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
OK, so I was correct.
The server is listed on the source IP of the data that contain the server details that are sent to Steam when you start the server.
It took a little while to get listed but now I am.

So bascially although the router has about 20 publicly available IP address on, it always sends out from 1 default IP address. That is the IP it seems I have to use to get my server listed. I can not use any of the other IPs on the router. It seems to completely ignore the IP cvar that you can put inside the server.cfg file.

I hope this helps other people and stops them spending all the time I spent on it...


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