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Server jitteryness!! HELP!
I've run into a weird phenomenon. I currently have an Opteron 170 based server, 2GB RAM, Supermicro H8SSL-i/HT1000chipset Mobo.

On my CS:S 66/100 tick servers I've run into a jittery problem. This happens with as little as 2 ppl. I've tried manually setting the affinity with no help. If servers are restarted the jitteryness goes away for a little while then comes back the next day. There is more than enough RAM with 1700 left available. CPU usuage is never over 30%.

Has anyone come across this problem before? I need to figure this out.
What o.s. is it running on? and whens the last time the hd was defragged. Also what connection is it on, you say servers.. how many?

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