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bot cpu usage?
I was thinking about renting a 2ghz p4 with 512mb ram. The guy i was going to rent it off set up a demo server and i tested it by adding bots as a quick cpu test. I am aware bots use up more cpu than players but exactly how much more? I had 12 bots before the cpu went under strain. How many players could this server handle>?
About 20-24, but also depends on the FSB speed
If FSB = 533 Mhz or higher >> maybe you will manage +/- 24
If FSB = 400 Mhz, around 20 at max.

Bots will not make clear how many players can be in the server. You're forgetting stuff like: rates and/or tickrate. Bots don't use that, but it highers CPU usage.

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have decided against getting another dedicated server and we are going for a dustworld 10 man

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