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How Many Servers Could i Run?
About to buy a dedicated server and would just like to know how many servers i could run off this:

Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz
512mb Ram(maybe 1gb depending on how many i could run)

Average CSS servers like 20 man etc. No bots.

not many, i ran a server on a celeron 2.4, and i ran a better server on a p4 1.8. the only decent celerons are maybe like a dual core celeron d, i have heard decent things about them anyways... you will probly be able to get 20 players on that though, if you keep the tick rate at 33, and don't up the maxupdaterate too much. you may be able to squeeze a lil more out of it, but i don't know. I know on my old server if there were 10 bots, it lagged like shit, and cpu was at like 90 to 100% not ping boosted. If I tried to ping boost the server with 3 people in cpu was at like 60%. I don't know why, but 2.4 celeron's just plain old suck, lol (atleast mine did) then again i just pieced it together from spare crap i had laying around. That could of been half the problem.
1 20? ouch that sucks, ill stick with my vps

EDIT: so how come it costs £65 off a game server site
I don't know, but from my personal experiences, celeron's just can't handle it. Which they are like the lowest grade intel cpus, outside of the new dual core ones, which I have heard decent things about. I know though I would never rent a dedicated celeron box to try and host game servers on, I'm not even sure I would rent one just for a webserver, lol.

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