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Minimum System Requirements
Hey all, I'm trying to build a dedicated Linux server to run a Source server on my university network. I was wondering what the minimum system requirements were to run a 20 man, 100 tick rate server were. Here's the current hardware config I've been looking at:

AMD Sempron 3100+ Palermo
1gb (2x512) Corsair ValueSelect
Biostar Geforce 6100-M7 mATX Motherboard
Old 80gb 7200rpm WD HDD

Will it run smoothly with just that? Keep in mind, the ONLY thing this is going to be used for is to run apache and the source server, so I don't need much. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Some things I'd check into before worrying about hardware reqs:

1) Make sure the university allows you to run servers on their network. They are likely not going to be happy when they find out you're wasting their bandwidth by running a public game server.

2) Make sure they do not throttle your upload speeds. Many universities do this to prevent students from uploading large files or hosting servers.

3) Make sure you get your own, unique, external IP address. Some universities are still giving out private/NAT'ed IP addresses.
They do, I talked to a network admin and he said it was fine as long as I wasn't profiting off it or doing anything illegal. My upload speeds are fine, I've been running a server off my PC for a few months but want to move it to a dedicated box. And yes, each computer on the network has its own unique IP address.
Can I run this with less memory?
hmmm. Potentially yes. The problem arrises when you ask what games you are running, etc. My garrysmod servers are a perfect example. Zombie Survival and Stalker are really happy and will run between 20-30 Megs each plus about 2-3 megs for each extra player (same goes for CS:S and DoD:S etc). If I run Spacebuild, which I do, it takes up around 70 Megs and is a real CPU beast.
Sorry for reviving a dead post forum mods but this thread comes out tops on google when I searched for SRCDS system requirements, so I think it is useful info.
Lucky, are you doing this from a UK university? If so, i assume its JANET that is your Uni network provider - which in that case, it is a breach of their T&C to host any game servers.

However, Man Uni seem to get away with it so i don't see why everyone cant!

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