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MRTG Player Graphs?
I've been fooling around with getting my player stats graphed with MRTG for a while. I've basically had to use an existing rcon program, then code something else to make rcon output and MRTG work together. I'm looking to graph the combined player totals from 5-10 servers onto a single graph.

Are there any existing programs/scripts for graphing srcds player stats with MRTG?

If you're interested in my solution, send me a PM. I don't want to release my code publicly yet.
Someone asked, so here's the code. It seems to be working fine, though I have only tested it on one machine.

To compile on *nix, type "g++ fileName" after you've created a file with the code copied into it.

MRTG setup should be the same as any other graph. Just change the "target" variable in the config file to the compiled "getPlayers" program (by default, "a.out").

Note: It does require an external RCON program to get the player stats. My program simply takes the RCON output and gets it in a format MRTG can graph. RCON output should be the same for all RCON programs, but I haven't tested it with programs other than [ASY]Zyrain's.

Could you supply a test link?
[Image: banner.gif]

I'll PM it to you Smile

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