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srcds are a pain right now
[Ok first off' id like to say im not a noobie but i am new to your site. I manage a home based network and i would like to just say that my srcds always worked i know im not the only one with this issue' so i am going to exsplain my self. I use to play gmod srcds online all the time untill valve updated and messed the game up. when i relized it was fixed i then installed it back. The game and update fix is working great i just have one problem. I can run srcds but it only shows up on my lan list in the gmod game menu. I also have read a lot of post that it would be port fowarding' things like that iv' set my router up all the ports and what not so they all work' so if the server is running and its not getting a vac secure mod enabled then i thank thats everyones problem. it's not the port fowarding its vac secure mode on valve. So if my srcds is running then its not my ports and im guessing thats why no one or not even my self can connect to my srcds. What i would like to know is if srcds is not getting a vac secure mode enabled is that how come it does not show up on garrys mod sever list. Is that the whole reason no one can connect to my server or isn't it some one please post me back and let me know because to my nolige everything works on my ports because on srcds screen it shows that i have a sussful conection to valve just dont have VAC Secure mode Enabled. If anyone know's anything about this please drop me few lines sorry about long post but i had to get this out thanks'
Well, first of all make sure you have sv_lan set to 0, or the server will force lan mode. And if your behind a router, you will always have to connect to the lan ip address. Everyone else will have to connect to the external ip address, and it may not show up on your master list, you being on the same lan. What confuses me (I just woke up, and not all the way awake yet.) is you almost talk like it worked before?

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