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Best hardware (Processor) for srcds
So? Which platform and processor should I turn to?

We're thinking using Linux as OS but how about the hardware..

Intel Xenon
Intel Pentium D
AMD Athlon 64 X2
AMD Opteron/Opteron Dual Core

Price/performance-ratio is quite important here. Oppinions? Suggestions? Discussion? Smile
AMD Opteron or Dual Core Opteron....
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Any specific reason why Opteron? Any comparision charts? Big Grin
Intel Xeon >> too hot, less capacity for more money. Uses a lot electricity
Intel D or P4 >> not a server platforum
AMD64 >> not a server platform
Opteron >> better performance for less money than Intel Xeon, not so hot, uses less electricity
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It really doesn't require a server platform processor to run a server.. We're looking for the best performance per buck
Well, first of all: Opteron is as far as I remember to get real effect from an opteron you need a dual core or dual processor. This creates another problem, The SRCDS software. It is not designed for eighter dual core or dual processor, witch means that it will have a huge loss of effect, that way it is mutch easyer to use a so called "not a server platform" processor, these might not have as low heating rating as the "server platform" processors, and not the "direct" link to the network interfaces. But if you need a cheap processor, that works with the software, aint pulling to mutch power, and you got a good cooling system you get MUTCH more from a AMD 32/64 or P4 (32/64) processor. Mainly becouse of the price.
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Is there any benefit from dual core processors if we're running two servers on the same box? I'm guessing Linux has good support for multiple processors, but how about multiple processor cores. Is dual processor better solution than dual core?.. no wait.. of course it is in some ways, but is there a huge difference? Can Linux+SRCDS benefit from Dual Core processors if there's multiple SRCDS's running? Will it balance the load.

Edit: Nevermind...

^^ answered my question

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