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missing map/map_name.bsp HELP
OK...heres the deal. DOD:S Dedicated server and I'm using some custom maps.

I'm NOT using the download_url setting...the maps are being uploaded to clients directly from the server..NOT an ftp

It SEEMS to be that the maps over 12mg's are the ones that clients can't DL. If the client HAS the map already in his system, he/she can get on the server just fine...However if we're running a map that is over 12mg's it tells the clients that aggravating error...and disconnects them

ALSO, what seems to be happening even more l8ly is that when someone tries to DL a map and they get the missing map error, the server boots ALL clients from the server.

Anyway, there was setting we had to add to our server config in our CSS server, but that same setting doesn't seem to work.
For me it looks like you are having some problem with the download section of your server. This bug is kinda new to me, but I gues its only to set up a sv_downloadurl and the problems solvedWink
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If your not using sv_downloadurl, it won't let clients download any maps larger then 16mb by default. You can change this setting, the cvar I think is net_maxfilesize.. It has been a long while since I messed with that though, use the find feature in the server console to find the right cvar. The best way to solve the problem is to get a webhost and download the maps from a webserver.

I just don't understand why it would kick everyone from the server once 1 person didn't have the map?
Quote:net_maxfilesize 32
Put this line extra in your server.cfg or mapname specific .cfg file. Restart server and would work just fine.
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