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Help with server
I'm setting up a server a 24 pub and a 16 private.
I'm not having any CPU issues as I'm running
P4 2.4 2GB of mem windows xp and I also have an hd with windows 2000 AS

I was wondering If I need to install multiple NIC cards for load balancing the network traffic or will one be enough, and if so can it be done on windows xp.

I'm hoping to setup the server on Saturday so A quick response would be appriciated

The man of speed

I don't see where that is needed, but I am no expert on srcds.
Load balancing isn't needed for that little amount of traffic. Load balancing really is only needed when dealing with huge webservers, with a lot of traffic, and big downloads. Most nic cards will transfer atleast 10mb/s with no problem, which would be enough for that.
Ah Yes Thank you Skeletor.

I have been waiting for your reply my server will then be up on Saturday

Thanks so much
The Man of Speed
lol, makes me feel loved Sad
ermac Wrote:lol, makes me feel loved Sad

Everyones loved! Toungue lol

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