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Hey guys sorry if this is posted a alot of time but i couldn't find any info on it and i went threw 20 pages in the windows srcds forums, and all the rest of the forums, mabye i am just over looking, search is alos not working when i try to use it, tired searchin on both my laptop and desktop neither worked. But anyway ill get to the point, i have enabled the hltv on both my server and they show up in the spectator area, but how do i turn it on to start recording, how do i turn it off, and what folder are the demo's put into on your server's hard drive. Thanks for the help guys
Oh ya and i know this isn't the place but thought i would throw it in, ive downloaded a few cal matches and i can't get them to play just sais hl2 has encountered a error and has to close. I have never once expirenced a error or a freeze since source came out. So im not sure i would realy like to watch these demo's can u play them threw media player or somthing like that.
I thought this would be an easy question. Don't people use this feature on there server. Thanks guys
there you goWink tv_autorecord 1
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You are the man! thanks alot doodBig Grin
Bump one more thing were do u find the demo's, and what do u guys use to play them, cause playing them through HL2 doesn't work for me ive downloaded a few cal matchs. But i looked in all my files on my server and couldn't find anyting. Sorry for being such a noob guys lol.

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