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Bad challenge problems

Firstly, I know I made a post like this a couple months ago but the frequency of this problem is a lot bigger than before, and I apologise if this topic has already been discussed in another thread but the search wouldn't work.

I have been running a dedicated server on windows 2003 behind a Router for a few days now and I have everything configured but there still exists a recurring problem.

When I look at the console window I notice loads, about 10-30 and hour, of bad challenge messages from various ip's, I have all the necessary ports opened and my clanmembers can connect when I give them my ip or my dyndns domain name but not a single soul has been able to connect except them. Is there any way that my IP might be getting listed wrongly?

If anyone can connect to your server, then it should be working fine. The bad challege notice is just something trying to query the server using hl1 style querying system. So it is nothing at all to worry about. If you really want them to stop though, the cvar to enable old querys is "sv_enableoldquerys 1" I'm pretty sure its that anyways, try typeing on console "find oldquery" and it should give you the cvar.
Thanks, I can just ignore them now that I know that they really aren't a problem, turns out nobody was connecting becasue the name of the server was "|UNL| Clan Server" which obviously gives the impression that it isn't a public server, stupid of me, but still an easy mistake to make for a newbie like me, people are now joining that I have changed the name.


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