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New CSS Server Check it OUT!!!

Hey Guys, I'm new to the whole SRCDS so I thought I would post here about my new server and try to meet some new people. I have a brand new server hosted by WOLF, and I'm looking to try to fill it up with some nice people. The server is clanless, so you can bring your clan or whomever just to have a good time. I thought this would be the best place to advertise for I'm new to the whole server ownership, and every owner dreams of a full server and a "happening place."

My server is 24/7 Dust2/Assault Return Of The Mack -San Diego-

Check it out, and cya guys later!

-Master jEDI
This post should be moved to the commercial pit, sorry but this section is for help and support. Plus ads for your server will probly go further there, cuz theres less posts, it will stay on top longer Toungue.

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