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prevent others from seeing sv_downloadurl
Hello, I just recently purchased and am currently setting up a webserver and I noticed if your in the console and type in sv_downloadurl it will give you the downloadurl to the server files. To me this isn't too handy because anyone can join my server and find out what it is. To do a sanity check I joined a random server and was able to get their webserver directory and was able to point it to my server and download files off of it running on my server...Is there any way around this problem?
Not that I know of. But I thought that I heard at one point in time that this wasn't visable to anyone without rcon? hmm.. Regardless, I don't know what to tell you. This would proble be better answerd on the valve mailing list
When I join a server and go the the console I can start to type in sv_downloadurl and it will show me an autocomplete with their web I said not too secure.
Yeah, well like I said, my advise to you is join that mailing list, and post on it asking this same question. Then one of the valve developers will see it, and he may have some insight on it. Or someone else on there may know something to do. There are a lot of inteligent people on there.
prevent other users from getting files with a .htaccess...

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer hl2://255\.255\.255\.255 allow_download
    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from env=allow_download
    Deny from all

In your top level dir of the sv_download url


and make sure you chage your ip from 255 255 255 255 to the right ip.

this way only the server can get files.
place the .htaccess file into your hl2mp dir, and all the child directories should inhert the rules.

If you have questions contact your provider, as some web server providers do not allow those files types to be placed on the server.

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