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Attempted to create unknown entity type multi_manager!
Okay first of all, the instant i bring my server up, EVERY TIME I BRING IT UP, i see this message in the console window:

Current map is de_dust
Bad challenge from

Thats right after it says the current map when the server starts up. Please note this is EVERY TIME i start the server. I seriously doubt this is due to people trying to join my server. Instead I think it is some kind of master server list trying to add me to it. However, the IP IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT.

Now that was my first problem, and heres the main one im posting about now.

I run my server with two bots, to keep it on the list of servers that arent empty. The server works fine once i start it up fresh. However, once someone joins, this starts to happen. Here is an excerpt from the start of the server, my first joining, then disconnecting, up to the problem:

Ok so now im trying to recreate it and am unable to. If i see the messages coming up again ill try to figure them out and post them up here.

It definitely has to do with multi_manager though and after googling the term for three days ive come up with nothing, not even another case of the same problem.

I really Dont know what "Bad challenge from" I gues it is some old protocol trying to connect. However "Current map is de_dust" is a mani (or another admin plugin) Advert, if you use mani check you advert.txt in \cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\ You will be avle to remove it from there.
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the bad challenge is nothing at all, its just something trying to query your server using old querying method (used in hl1). This other problem you speak of, could maybe atleast be a little more descriptive? If its something about steam validation rejected, this is a bug in srcds. If not, please be more specific, atleast a little bit.

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