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Cannot add server to my favourites, HELP
I have created a dedicated server for cs source, and and running it. But when I run cs source I go to add server and type in the address and nothing happens. Can anyone help please?
If you have a router, you will have to forward the right ports (if you want an internet server) and you will have to know what ip does what, if you have a router that tutorial will be some help to you.

Also make sure you have opened the ports on any firewall the computer running the server may have. If none of this helps you, im affraid you will have to be atleast a little more specific..
Ok, I have a Bt Voyager 2000,

I logged onto the ip and when to the virtual server part,
then I added the port 27015, and the ip

Is this correct?

I am still unable to find my server on steam.
you may not be able to see your server in the steam list. some routers won't let you see it at all. you will have to use your external ip address and go to like and see if your server shows up on there or something. Somtimes it takes a good 10 to 15 minutes for them to see your server though.

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