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german n00b has two questions...

i've set up a cs:source server and a hl²:dm server on my windows server 2003. they're running as services. everything works great!

first question: is there any program that allows me to configure the running server. currently i'm using rcon commands. i'd like to configure the server via steam or a 3rd party program.

second question: i'd like to install some custom maps and added the "sv_allowdownload" and "sv_downloadurl" parameters to my server.cfg. if i load a custom map on the server i get the following message "missing map maps/<mapname>". the "sv_downloadurl" links to my webserver. i've copied all needed files into that folder.

sv_downloadurl is set to "http://url/folder/"
this url has sub-directories maps, sounds, etc.

i've created some res-files for the custom maps.

what can i do?

Hi there! Smile

For configuring the server, check out GamePanel which may help you here, by allowing you to do some configuration tasks via a web browser. I've not had a chance to use it myself yet, but it seems to be well recommended, and also allows you to run game servers as services as well (though you're probably already using firedaemon to do that I suspect Wink)

It sounds like you are almost there with the server downloads!
Yes, the sv_downloadurl should be set to "http://website/folder/", and yes there should be (at least) a "maps" folder underneath, so that the full url of a bespoke map would end up being http://website/folder/maps/custommap.bsp

There are a few "gotchas" you'll need to check for though:

1. Are you running windows sharepoint on your win2k3 server? If so you'll need to exclude your folder from the sharepoint paths.

2. By default win2k3 will not serve .bsp files and other unknown file types. You'll need to define them in the MMC IIS snap-in, under HTTP Headers-->MIME Types for your folder. I was lazy and just added .* as application/octet-stream from that folder down... Wink tsk tsk

3. The number one cock-up I make is to forget to check the NTFS file permissions on the files! The Internet Guest Account must have read access to the individual files - go check that now! Wink

Hope that helps you and/or someone else,



thanks for your help!

i'm already using gamepanel for the srcds servers but the webadmin panel doesn't work. i get a message like: "username or password wrong"...

i used the administrator account for the webconfig file and this user is a member of the power users group...

i've set up a new website on iis 6.0 for the gamepanel administration and linked it to the web folder in my gamepanel administration.

I'm not using sharepoint portal server or sharepoint portal services in any way...

i've added the bsp-files in the iis-snap-in... works great! thx!

i just found this...

how can i use the gamepanel rcon client for the srcds?
gamepanel doesnt support source rcon Gaming Servers
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