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v27 update
Well, maybe, there is already another topic of this kind, but so... The problem is, that i runned my server update (v26-v27) to the right directory and so on, as it must be. But after that when i lunch my server, then star it, it shows an eror that smth cant be found... i know weary much other people who has the same problem... i was given instructions, to replace engine.dll but it didnt work. =[
So can anybody help me?
You updated and now the server won't start at all? What do you have in the start line? How are you starting the server, are there any plugins running on the server? Also make sure you got the whole update, re-run the updatetool with the flag "-verify_all" to make sure all the server files are right. Try that, and if it doesn't work, answer all them questions and we will go from there Big Grin

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