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Problem steam2 authentication responce??
Does anyone know what the problem is?? And the solution??? Please guys help me with this one.
Its updated srcds with surf maps running on it.
Even with new installation we get this problem that people cant join anymore.
Greetz Pietje

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Yup, its a bug with srcds. Valve is working on a fix.

Alfred (from valve) Wrote:Just to remind everyone, if you see "Steam Validation Rejected" errors
from your users running a Source server get this BETA update to fix it.
You get it by adding "-beta swapbeta" to the command line. This beta
includes a new steamclient.dll. If you have this error on HL1 based
servers you can also copy this updated binary to those servers to test
the fix.

- Alfred
Big Grin 
Big Grin i thank u for the reaction and the solution.
Greetz from holland
Ok this is the way to do it:
Run your hldsupdatetool with this command:

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . -beta swapbeta

it will download a better dll for steam and then it works!
Keep in mind this fix is BETA... So it may surface more bugs, which is why its only beta.
I have not seen any issues with the beta so far and my server runs 24/7
I run a server on 64 bit and the beta swap doesnt work for it anyone alse got this problem or just me

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