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Steam adding 300+ ping to my server in list
Anyone else having this problem?

I've gone through great lengths to get a dedicated server on a fast connection - most of us have 20-30 ms ping when we play. However, when it pops up on the steam server list, my server appears to have a whopping 350ms ping. If I refresh a couple of times, though, it normalizes to the 'actual' ping.

I've experienced this issue on 2 different public servers I set up - both of which have had problems with 'popularity'. So I guess I was wondering if there is a setting or system configuration I am neglecting which will allow the steam server list to broadcast the correct ping the first time it is displayed in the list as some servers manage to do.

Thanks in advance!

If you notice a lot of server in the steam server list will at first appear to have a high ping. I suspect this is probly because you have configured your internet speed in steam wrong (steam thinks it can download faster then it really can, causing high latency between you and servers).

Really the steam list doesn't "broadcast" a ping or anything like that, it simply just pings the server when you load up the list, So think about it, withen that couple ammount of time it loads up, your computer is pinging what like 4000 servers?
I have also the last 6 days thes problem that is fuck grr grr and grr.
I think the Master Server is Fuckt Up Sad
I really havent fealt a difference at all. But perhaps this is becouse I run partly self programed servers...
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Not all Server have thes Problem.
I have 2 Server 24 Slots ther are + - 20 Players one the server and now ther are 0.

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