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Ever since I switched ISP's from comcast to WaveTechnologies I've been trying to get my server up and running again. (I had it working about 2 months ago just so you know).

I've been going through alot of problems trying to get this thing up but I feel that I'm getting very close now. So I'm gonna go through what I have and ask for any tips as to what else I might need to enable/change in order to get this going.

I called up my ISP and had them enable PPPoE (that's how WaveTechnologies does it)
I enabled PPPoE on my router.
I enabled DHCP on my router.
I enabled DMZ on my router pointing to my local IP.
I forwared the following ports 1200/27000-27039
I have my server port set to 27015
When I go to and check my if the port 27015 is open it is.
I get my IP address from and when I go to and search for my IP or my server name or the room that's running on my server, my server never shows up.

When I set it up the first time it didn't give me much trouble, but now it seems to be.

OH and my OS is windows XP, I have a linksys BEFVP41 router.
If you set the server machine to be DMZ, you don't need to forward ports for it. All non-forwarded ports should automaticly be forwarded to the DMZ'ed machine.

Try logging into your router's web config page and go to the "Status" tab. See what the WAN IP address is from there. I have a feeling you're getting a private/NAT'ed IP address from your ISP...
Here's a print screen of my router's status page

[Image: routerstatus5ij.jpg]

Does that tell you if I have a private/NAT'd IP? If so what would be my next step in getting this to work?
holy crap I just un-forwarded the ports and made sure PPPoE and DMZ were enabled and now my server shows up on

I don't know how long it's going to be until my cousin can get on to test the server so can someone on here please test it for me, I'm leaving work but my server is running right now

I'm not sure which one it is that will work.

Thank you for your help!
:27015 is showing up for me, :27016 isn't.

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