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What will this server hold?
I am going to colo one of my servers. I have not done source admin work. I have not done any HL admin work for several years. I want to get an idea of what my server can handle and handle well. I plan to have four 20man servers and two 12man servers on it. Here are the specs:

Two 3.2 Xeon processors (2MB Cache/800MHz FSB)
3 146GB 10k SCSI
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Burstable Bandwith 100Mbps.
127 IP Public Addresses

Also was planning on running a few others things if possible including webserver and ventrilo server. Any thoughts would be appriciated. Thanks.
Your comp should be fine Smile
Any idea how many more servers I can put on it if I only used it for HL servers?
4 20 man servers and 2 12 mans.. 104 slots.. thats kind of alot. but i guess thats only 52 slots per cpu as long as you set affinity right. which you will have to, or theres no way that would handle all that.

with hl servers i don't know, personally i have never ran a hl server out side of a listen server. but as i tell many many people, the best advice anyone can tell you is to try it out and see for youself Toungue because it seems every box runs a bit different then the next one.
Of course I will try it out Wink What do you think will be my limiting factor, the cpu's? Do I need to get a quad cpu server? Toungue
really think out of all that cpu will be the first to fill..

and damn.. you can just get a quad cpu server.. bah.. lol i wish i had enough cash just to get a better file/webserver for my house, lol. but in all logicality you should be able to almost double the player slots with 4 cpu's. givin affinity is set right, or you won't be able to get anymore at all. but hosestly i have never had the chance to operate a quaud cpu server, or even a dual cpu server, so really its just a guess on my part, and compared to what i have heard.
Well the problem is that SRCDS (windows) isnt really supporting more than 2 CPU's effisiantly, if you get more than 2 CPU's the server says that it is using 100% of cpu power, when it in fact only am using 100% cpu on 2/3 of the cpu's,(SRCDS NOT WINDOWS) I tryed the same thing in linux, but havent really gotten the results yet
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Depends on what windows version you are running. I know that windows 2003 Enterprise will support upto 8 processors and 32 gigs of RAM. Not that I have gotten the chance to put it to the test.
yea, neon was talkin about srcds, not windows, yes srcds doesn't even support 2 cpus. what it does is trys to run everything from one cpu, so the cpu will be stuck at 100% while the other one will be almost idleing at like 10 or 15%.. thats why you set affinity, for different server instances to run on a certain cpu. that way it will balance it out. (from what i have read on the hlds list anyways) Big Grin
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pf... slowly.. life is getting in the way Toungue lol its hard to find time when im either watching my son, lookin for a job, or someones sleeping so i have to be quiet. but, i will get it done eventually, lol.
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