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Server setup problems
I've been trying to get this thing up and running for a while now and I just can't get it to work. My problem is that nobody can connect to the server. Nobody can see it and nobody can connect to it.

I followed the steps outlined here, and similarly at other places, and the source dedicated server comes up and running, it looks like it should look, as far as I've been able to gather.

I opened up the ports following the steps at, I hope this looks right.

I've tried both using the '-secure +ip (my internal IP)' and not using it in the target for the srcds shortcut, they both produce same results. Using external IP produces 'cannot allocate dedicated UDP port' error.

The wierd part to me is that when I have the server up, does recognize that it is up. When I have it up and running, it neither appears in my favorites, nor can I connect to it manually, nor does it even appear in my Lan server menu option. (I don't attempt to play on the same computer I'm trying to run the server from, I play on a seperate computer that is connected wirelessly to the same router). However, when I don't have the server up and running, I *can* see the server on my favorites. The server name is Good Book of David, and it is there twice because I tried adding it using both the external and internal IP, I presume that because I am on the lan my computer recognizes both. I am at a loss as to why it only appears there when I don't have the server running, but I have tested it multiple times. The thing that confuses me most (though really it *all* confuses me) is that I can't even see the server on my Lan list.

Please, any help is appreciated, I feel like I've tried everything.

If I can provide any further information or technical details that might help, let me know.
Note on that first link, the bad challenge from (Insert IP here). I looked that up and found that adding 'sv_enableoldqueries 1' to the server.cfg file fixed it, as well as the 'people are not able to see my server' problem associated with it. So I added that to my server.cfg file, and I haven't tested long enough to see if the bad challenge popped up again, but it did not make the server visible as it had for some others.
What ports are your servers on? for me it likes you have it on 27015, and you have reruted 27020... is this right then you just have to rute 27015
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I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what you mean. I just assumed my server was on port 27015, I didn't realize I could change that. I don't know what you mean by I have rerouted 27020. Do you mean that I don't have 27015 open?
no.. you have port 27015 open.. you just have a ton of other ports open as well.. you don't need all of them open, just 27015 tcp and udp. make sure you have port 27015 open in the computers firewall.. tcp and udp. can you connect to the server through lan? (that will be the only way you will be able to connect)
The only firewall I have on the computer itself is the windows firewall, for some reason I hadn't opened those ports, so I just did, but that didn't solve it unfortunately. Still can't see or connect to the server.

No, I can't connect to the server through lan either, it doesn't even show up, my menu tells me that there are no server running on my local network.

I just tried enabling DMZ for the IP of the computer with the server on it, and I have also tried before completely disabling the router firewall, but no effect. Is there any special step to opening the port for the windows firewall other than going to exceptions and adding that port?
Ok so now CS automatically updated, so I updated the srcds. Now the server pops up on my favorites, but I can't connect to it. When I try, it tells me that my version does not match the servers, please restart the game.

And the server *still* doesn't appear on my LAN list at all.

wait so now people are playing on my server, but i can't at all. at least, i think people are playing on my server, the srcds lists people/IP addresses connecting and then they are talking, i assume that means they are playing on there...i wouldn't know having never seen it actually working.

but i can't connect. it still doesn't show up on my lan, i still can't manually connect, and when i go to connect it says our versions don't match, restart game. i've done so and restarted computer, etc. should i just reinstall counterstrike on the non-server computer or something?
Here is a screenshot
eh, it won't let me view the screen shot..

but people are conected, so your server works.. and you will have to connect to your computers lan ip adress. try opening css, open the console, and type in "connect" and see if it will connect.

cuz as far as i knew there wasn't a manditory update released...
yeah that still doesn't work. i can't see it and i can't connect to it. i have another computer and i tried connecting to it through that and it didn't work either. i'm really at a loss.

i was looking around and found this information on someone who had what seems to be a very similar problem:
Quote:In my very simple guide for people with a setup like me:

1. Have your home network setup first.

2. Setup a static IP for each computer.
Gateway: is the internal router IP
Perfered DNS: in the internal router IP

3. Forward ports on router.
Ports: You know which ones
Setup: set router to obtain IP automatically
Router Security: Disable NAT "Filter Internal NAT Redirection allows for internal network to access a server in the LAN. Select Disable to allow local PCs to access local servers like FTP, WEB, or others. "

4. SRCDS (Target) This is what I have and it works now
"C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer\srcds.exe" -gui -game cstrike -autoupdate +maxplayers 10 +map de_train -secure +tickrate 66 -port 27015

but to be honest i don't really follow all of that. i'm not even really sure that it is applicable to me because he appears to be doing HL and i am doing cs but since it appears to just be a network issue it seem like it might be the same problem.
hold on... are you wanting a cs server.. as in cs 1.6... cuz your running srcds, which will give you css...

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