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Matrix Mode
I need help trying to create a matrix mode.
The people walk slow
The lighting is gray
The Pushscale is up

Thanks, jackaL

Well, the bullettime effect is kinda tricky i think, but I have seen a mod out there with this feture, but then you have to re-code some, and probably make it metamode; source compatible. the rest is easy to set up if you are a mapper, if not I think there shuld be server-commands that apply these settings.Wink
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phys_pushscale 9999 will make everything move a lot when shot
phys_timescale .3 will make it move very slow
as far as making people walk slow, that would be a cheat cvar, and cheats would have to be enabled (to do it without a plugin anyways) and i don't remember what the cvar is.

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