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is it possible to install linux ...
is it possible to install linux on my External HDD?
And is Linux more stable?

Yes, I'm sure it's possible. But why?

From what I've read, Linux vs Windows srcds performance is about the same. You might as well stick to an OS you already know well, so it's easier to maintain the server.

As far as being "more stable", I don't know. It seems as if with almost every update a new "bug" surfaces, which causes havoc with Linux servers. I'm not sure if these same bugs are present on Windows servers.

It's about the same, DoNe has been using linux and windows, was hell to make them talk together true vpn, but, really the linux server is just as good as the windows server, with the exeption of that the operating system is taking less of your ram, witch gives SRCDS more to run at. and Linux really does'nt need to reboot at all, I've runed my linux server straight for 2 years now, with no restart. I've tryed the same thing at a windows server, and it ended up with me reinstalling windows server 2003 (I bought it^^) And yes it should be posible to install it to your external hd... Wink
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All I have to say is F**** Linux
Cost me about a whole day to fix linux stuff on my computer
windows is better!!!!!!!!!!

lol it depends a lot of what distribution you use.. linux isn't soo bad, i tried fedora core 4 on one of my old computers not too long ago, and it installed fine. and actually ran better then win 98 did on the computer. but i did find that fedora core 4 installed a lot better if with the initial install you don't install very many extra things. but if you go through and add what you want later.

but like they said before, stick with what you know.. cuz just like windows, if you don't have any idea of what your doing, you could really mess everything up. linux isn't so bad, but i wouldn't take down one of my computers just to try and learn it, lol. (thats why i used an old computer i didn't use yet, well i had just gotten it at the time. it was freeeBig Grin)

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