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One easy Question I dont know the answer to .
Ok when creating a Linux DS (which im planning to do)for CSS ... does CSS have to be installed on it. Or is it a stand alone app that will allow to create the server ? . I know its a noob question but when its answered ill be all set !

The system Specs are

ASUS p4v8x-MX
2.93 Ghz Celeron (478)
512 DDR Pc 3200

8mb Down 2mb Up In home connection .

This server is going to be in conjuction with My very Popular and well Known canadian 28 man PUB which Is full almost 14 Hours Of everday Of every Week .

Im wondering what Linux OS would be best ...

Will this System be good for a 18 man Pub ?

See this guide for install srcds on Linux:

The distro you choose really doesn't matter. I've seen similar performance with several different ones. Choose one that works with your hardware and you are most familiar with.


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