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I have looked and read lots of things about this and would like one clear post...and maybe when its clear and been tested it could be added to the Tutorials.

My server is up and running but after playing the stand maps over and over thought it would be nice to use some of the custom maps.

So I downloaded a copy of the map on to the server, example de_inferno_s_v2 I also made sure I had the .RES file for it too and put in the maps folder of the server.

In the server console I call up the map:

map de_inferno_s_v2

which loads up and waits for clients

When I try and connect I see it connect then start downloading things, then gets to the end and disconnects with map de_inferno_s_v2.bsp not found.

So please can someone please confirm the following.

Where should maps be put for clients to download, on the server or some webspace?
I only need to add sv_downloadurl "" to my config and put the maps there.

Answering the above I think will clear things up for people wishing to do the same.

Thanks in advance
in your server.cfg should be a line

sv_downloadurl ""

on your webehost should be a dir


csmaps is the root folder on your webspace, where clients wil now look in csmaps for a folder called "maps" where the files should be stored.

so you need to have a folder called "maps" in the rootfolder (your case "csmaps")

hope this helps


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Thanks Chemical it worked a treat now to put some good maps on which will get players in.

That link to steampowered is great too.. Do you know if you can get the client to download textures too?
all map related files (resources) should be pointed out with a mapname.res file

u can find this info on the steam forum (so did KatPhish)
I have a Linux Server and thes sv_downloadurl dont woke i have add thes to my server.cfg

sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_downloadurl "http:www.gamemaps.mydomain/cstrike/"

Why it is not working Sad
not sure with linux perhaps add

sv_downloadurl 1

also in http:www.gamemaps.mydomain/cstrike/ should be the maps dir/folder where the files are stored
If a add also sv_downloadurl 1 it's also dont work Sad
And jes i have in the http://www.gamemaps.mydomain/cstrike/
the SubFolders (maps) (sound) (materials)
And is that normal if i start my CSS Server then in the console is written:
Unknown command "sv_downloadurl"
I think you might have the "//" missing after the http: bit in the url in your config.

i.e. it should be sv_downloadurl "http://www.gamemaps.mydomain/cstrike/"
In my server.cfg it is with // Big Grin
sv_downloadurl don't work in linux
What the fuck dont works on Linux ??? is it so heavy to make a 3 MB update to fix thes BIG PROBLEM Sad
sv_downloadurl now works in the latest update Big Grin

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