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Getting my server working again
I'm trying to get my server back up and running and have been running into some troubles.
I have the server running on my computer right now, but when I go to like and I put in my IP address nothing comes up, I have a new router and it shows that I have the right ports open, but it's still not working.

I'm just not sure where to start.
You should try giving the IP to one of your friends or posting it here. Sometimes it takes a little while for servers to post on game-monitor. In my experiences it seems works a little faster then gamemonitor.
well first off. make sure you have sv_lan set to 0.. and can you connect to it through the lan tab? if you can not make sure you have the ports open right on the firewall.. if your playing on the same computer as the server, then make sure the ports are open on the firewall anyways..

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