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Ping booster and Mattie Scripts?
Hey guys, I got my server running, and anyone that joins my server that lives in California (my server in l.a) has less that 50 ping, only problem, I have two good friends in London that wanna play, and when the log on their ping is around 150 average. I set the priority to High for SRCDS on my server, and that helps a bit, but they still have a little lag. I'm on a partial T1 and i'm only running a 16 player server, like I said most guys have no lag, so are there any "real" good free programs to help with this.

And also, someone told me to start using Mattie Scripts, can anyone tell me what this is, and the fuctionallity of this for a small server.
id like to know too im getting mostly no lag but i have 1 friend always getting a ping of 200+
I am not sure of a way to reduce the ping, and I would expect it to be around that from London...but I am no expert. I too am in California (Sac) and I have Matties installed on my server I haven't done any custom script programming, but there are a lot of eventscripts that other people have can find them at mattie....???..?? (dont remember exact url, google Matties eventscripts. Basically you can have an event occur based on a server event...i.e. you shoot someone, you can have a script that detects when a player gets shot, and have the server display who shot who, what there health is at, and so on. Or whenever someone joins, you can have a text message displayed. or my favorite so far, when you knife someone a message says "Ha Ha you were knifed Bitch!" Of course, you can program the messages to say whatever. I like it.

well.. simple answer to the question about lag for your friend in london.. its gonna lag, lol. if you want to know why it lags, then get your friends ip in london, open up the cmd prompt (start-run-cmd-enter) and then type in tracert <friendsip> and hit enter, and see how many hops it takes to get from your house, to your friends. and theres really nothing you can do about it.
Yup..100-150ms is common for that distance.

I get that if I connect to about any US server in just about any game, and im on 2mb/512kb Line in Denmark(Close to the UK)

If I go on to a Korean server (or any asian server at all) my ping hops up to ALOT Big Grin, there's really no cure for high pings over long distances Wink.

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