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this question should be easy to solve
how do i get that little square thing into my server name [] like that just connected wen i copy and paste it says cant keep that in ANSI format.

to see the real sighn in server list refresh and orginize in alphabetical order servers with that at the beggining will be first

thx in advance for any help
Well first off I look for a server that comes up with the lowest ping....not by the name of the it doesnt really matter to have that symbol in there.
no so my friends can find it esier without me giving em the ip all the time

i just wanna change the name.... but the server.cfg doesnt accept the square character it turns it to a question mark whille other servers have it in their name how do they do that??? its this symbol [] just a connected square. if u still dont get it ill post a pic
i really need to know, if no one knows how do they know where i can find out
□ you mean that character? what if just when yu save it in notepad, instead of saving it as ansi, save it as unicode. that may work.. im not sure.
changes name to counterstrike source when i do that
Instead of going through all this trouble for a little [] why dont you just use something equally noticable. Maybe use two (), I know you can use those in the title. Or how about ~~~ a couple of those little guys. Or you could always go to that server and ask the admin if he knows how it's done.
i went on the server but the guy was german and it turned into an awkward conversastion.
Lol Smile. If I was you I'd just let it be, as The Beatles said Big Grin.

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