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Last update
My dedicated server and a friend one have'nt function since the last update , look at this screen (I'm french) :
I can't change the map , and every other things (timelimit , buytime ..........) , I can't exec any plugins : I can do nothing .

How do to repair it ? Thanks for helping me .
well it hasn't specified a map to start on. i suggest runnin the server in console mode. you would have to add the the start line "-console -game <gametype> +map <maptostart> -maxplayers <players>"
It doesn't function :cry:
Are you using the Steam SRCDS or the one you download with the updatetool? for me it looks like you havent downloaded all the files yet. Some times the updatetool exits before its finished. Try running it again Wink
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I use the steam srcds that I can download with it .

Help me !
follow the tutorials link at the top of this page, and download the standalone version Big Grin

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