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How do you change the server name...
I'm using the method used on the tutorial, i go to run, set everything up... and the server itself works... except... i can't change the name... no matter what i edit the name remains the default halflife 2 deathmatch (yes, i'm doing this on half life, could that be the problem?"

put hostname "My Server" in your server.cfg where my server is the name you want on your server.
i tried that... it still said halflife 2 deathmatch
when you made your server.cfg file did you save it as "server.cfg" with the quotes? cuz im thinking either it got saved as server.cfg.txt (you wouldn't see the .txt extension..) or you don't have it in the cfg directory.

to find out if it has the .txt extension, go to start-my computer. and then click tools-folder options, and then click the view tab, and un-check the box that says Hide extensions for known file types. and click ok, and see what the server.cfg file says, if it says server.cfg.txt, just take off the .txt and it should then work.
#5 thing that might be wrong is i did pretty much take a counter strike server.cfg and use that for half life, because it didn't seem like any of the options there were necesarily meant for just counter strike...

am i wrong, and if i am... then my server.cfg file has gone missing... and i need to at least know what to put in it...
most of the commands are the same for css and hl2dm. and the format is the same. but your sure its in the cfg directory? and have you changed the servers map since you put the cfg file in there? or restarted the server..
it's in c;/hl2server/hl2mp/cfg...

and no, nothings changed... and i'm not completely sure what u mean by restarting it

exec server.cfg Gaming Servers
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i mean restarting the server, changed the map, or typing in exec server.cfg cuz it will only read the server.cfg file when the map changes, or the server starts.
wait... i'm sorry, i went through this all wrong... it did show up in LAN, which i was too stupid to check... but the thing is, even when i assigned it to my external ip on my network settings like it said to do in the tutorial... i lost connection to my browsers shortly after, and my server STILL only showed up in LAN
For you, it will always show up as LAN, but for other people in remote loctaions it will show up in Internet.
oh... except how do i make it so i don't lost connection with my browser? (firefox btw)
your behind a router? you will not be able to assign the server your external ip address.. it will always be assigned the lan ip, and you will have to connect through lan, and others will have to connect to your external, which with port forwarding will direct them to connect with the lan ip address.
now say i were to forward a different port (10000, my dad's in control of the router, and it's the only port he'll let me forward for some reason)and used that port, would there be a problem with that?


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