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New Server Help -Semi Noob-
Hello everyone, I would say I know my fair shair of computer knowledge, but no where am I a genius. Recently I have begun to play CSS, myself and a few friends decided to start our own server.

I have never set up a game server, so my friend said I should come here for help.

My server is a Pentium D 3.0 Ghz Dual Core
2 Gig's of Ram
And I'm on a partial T1

I only plan to run one 16 player server, but I would like all the server "goodies"

I followed the tutorial section, instaled SRCDS, installed the basic "Mani Admin Plugin", and this is my current start up line:

-console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 16

Everything loads up fine, my server is displayed as 24/7 Dust2 -Sirus Long Beach Clan-, I got the mani admin stuff to work and all of us can play, but....

I would like to run a 66 tick setting and I need help with the Server Max rates, and I would like to know the server commands.

When I click on the srcds shortcut it's a black screen then it says VAC enable server secured then We clan play. So how do I restart the server w/o clicking on the X (close button), which btw always crashes. Can someone please provide me any links to any of the server commands. And also I keep losing my mani stats ??? So how would I install a new stats program, and also what is Mattie scripts, and how can it help me?

Thank you to whomever answers these questions, I am new to this, and I am trying to learn.

For restarting the server, type exit and the server will close. Then just start it up again.

For commands go here:

to activate those ingame, amke sure your an admin and type ma_rcon and then the command you wish to use.
For the tickrate, add -tickrate 66 to the startup line. In your server.cfg file, you will want to make sure the sv_maxupdaterate is set above 66 (I use 85) and the sv_maxrate to 20000 (may need to adjust this down to 15000). These are just my opinions, but with those specs, why not 100tic? it should support it just fine, but then again not much difference in the play between 66 and 100.

Good luck,

yea 66 tick is usually the best choice for a public server, just cuz 100 tick can sometimes cause problems even on higher quality machines.

as far as server restart, download something like server checker, and use that to start the server, and when the server crashes (or you do a ma_rcon exit in game) it will start the server back up. as far as stats, i use psychostats. its kind of a pain to set up, but i think its worth it.

psychostats =
serverchecker =
Wow thx guys 4 the fast reply, much appreciated got everything working great, I'm gonna ask two more questions but i'll start a new post.

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