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UDP/TCP Forwarding
In do I host my own CS Source server from behind NAT? I'm not asking for a step-by-step, I just want to have a better understanding of how TCP and UDP protocols interact. I don't quite understand the differneces between the two. My router's "Virtual Server" settings includes the following 4 fields: 1) Private IP Address 2) Protocol: {either tcp/udp/or both} 3) Public Port 4) Private Port. From my understanding, the Counter-Strike program is actually built into the steam.exe file and therefore cannot be launced indepently, forcing players to create registered online accounts via your company. Makes sense. It therefore also makes sense the standalone srcds.exe file that can be downloaded and run at no cost is programmed to launch on a clientport of 27005. This is where I begin to loose it. So many websites on the net claim that you need to forward the counterstrike port of "27015" in order for your server to work. Not much is said abotu 27005. Hopefully you can give me a quick explanation to get my server up and running. I would greatly appreciate it.

alright, the difference between tcp and udp, is ones incomeing connections, the other is outgoing. both need to be open to run srcds. and port 27005 is just the port at which the server kinda talks through, it does not have to be open, clients have to connect to the server port not the client port. which by default is 27015.

and yes you can not run srcds through steam without steam, you would have to download the stand a lone version, which in my opninion is more stable anyways, and it most definatly uses less system resources.

is this enough explanation for you? you seem to have an idea of what your doin, you just needed a little clarification Big Grin please feel free to post any further questions.

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