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crazy error: precondition assertion failed
yea here is a pic:

- news mani-admin-plugin is installed
- sever was updated by HldsUpdateTool.exe

- i come from germany, so my englisch istn as good as yours Toungue

i hope that you can help me.. cause google can't Wink

so long
lol that is a crazy error, try disabling any plugins, just for a test. so just rename your addons folder to like addonssss or something so it won't read it. and see if the server will start. if the server still won't start then run the hldsupdatetool again, but add the cmd "-verify_all" so that it will verify all the game files.

also, whats your operating system, and what server is it your running? and what cmd line are you using to start the server?
Also does it give that error like right when you start the server, or a lil while after its been running?
yea is disabled the plugin like you said... same problem..

then tested your "verify_all" cmd.. same problem...

the operatingsystem is: Mircosoft Windows Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition, Service Pack 1

the server _should_ run on the rootserver of my friend...

cmd line to start the server? hmm.. i start steam, change to "tools" and then i start the "source dedicated server" ... (normal for me)

the erros appears, when i klick on "start"
oh. your running through steam.. that could be the problem Toungue try following the tutorial on the top of this page, and download the stand a lone version. see if that helps.

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