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how to bind flashbangs
i want to bind the flashbang grenades to my Q key. How can I do this?
then there is the part where, THIS IS A SOURCE DEDICATED SERVER CHAT!!!!!!!
Please find somewhere else to post something like this.
Try reposting this over on

You may get better help there Smile
i cant tell u lol if your using mani amdin plugin type this in console.

bind q "ma_give (name) weapon_flashbang" and then whenever u press q it will give that person a flashbang.(if they cannot carry anymore than it will just drop on the ground.)
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Wow I didn't realize that was a question that should be asked here. Thanks for helping me out mr I have 13 post. really appreciate it.

I will how ever find the answer to the question somwhere else.
It's not that we dont want you to get the answer, but this just isnt that place to ask it.
I get that this is a place to find out info about the server and I got no problem with that. It is the manner that #2 went about it.

i just figued that since it had to be put into the config.cfg or run from the command prompt that someone here may know the answer.

for anyone else that see this the answer is to put

bind "<key>" "use weapon_flashbang"

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