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multiple motds
It is named message of the DAY for a reason.

I have figured out how to get multiple motds on the server, each one for a day of the week.

you have to have windows and some knowledge of HTML coding.

1. Create how ever many motds that u want. EX:7 (days in a week)

2. Create that same amount of notepad files
in them the text should look like this:

@ echo off
cd C:\srcds\cstrike\
copy motd1.txt to motd.txt /Y

(replace motd1.txt with the text you want the motd to have on each day.) EX: make another .bat file with motd2.txt to motd.txt

3.Save each notepad as a .bat file EX:motd1.bat,motd2.bat,motd3.bat...etc.

4.Go to windows scheduler in the control panel and schedule each .bat file to run on a certain time and day.

5.Download a program called FireDaemon ( and create a service for you server so you server will turn off at a certain time, then the motd will be replaced , then the server will restart.EX: at 11:59 P.M. the server will shut off, at 12:00 A.M. the motd will be replaced,and at 12:01 A.M. the server will restart.


i figured out that firedaemon will not shut off the server so i created 2 .bat files called start css and stop css. they should look like this:

@echo off
cd \windows\system32\cmd.exe

start css


@echo off
cd \windows\system32\cmd.exe

stop css

then make those .bat files run at 11:59 (stop) and 12:01 (start)
Also when the stop css bat file runs it will say that the cmd.exe is not responding and it wants u to end the task. DONT DO IT. after a few mor seconds, it will shut itself off.
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hmm, good idea!Smile
Sorry this is old, but there is a better way of doing this.

Put this in your motd:


Use php to display the correct information on a given day, that way a server restart each day isnt required to change the content.
And you don't have to restart your server to get the new MOTD's displaying, you just have to change map!
I always have my MOTD on my website so I can change it. Simple meta refresh.

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