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HDLS?? SRCDS??? I want to host DOD on LAN
hey .... please help

I am completely stumped. I have HL2 and DOD. I want to run a LAN DOD server.

I have downloaded and installed a HLDS. Its configured, loads and runs. I cant see it from DOD.

I find a small mention on a web site about SRCDS... maybe its newer than HLDS but there is nothing anywere that tells what it is.

So I figure I wil install it. I follow instructions for HLupdatetool but I cant see SRCDS.exe in any folders.. why? because nothing happens... it doesnt get downloaded.

so can someone please share the secret information about these servers with me.. I promise I wont share it with anyonelse.

please tell me is HLDS only for HALF LIFE 1? IS IT usable with HL2 and DOD or should I be using SRCDS? IF so how do I get that program?

it wont appear with the update tool so something specific must be missing from instructions on using update tool.

been stuffing around for weeks now and nothing is clear at all....what do I need to run a LAN DOD?

thank you
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are you trying to run day of defeat (hl1) or dod source (hl2)? Gaming Servers
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If you want to run a HL1 DoD server, then you'l have to use HLDS. If you are thinkin of a Day of Defeat Source server, then SRCDS is the right choise for youToungue
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thanks for the replies so far.very fast.

Day of Defeat source is what I want to run. My question now is how do I get the SRCDS? I see no way to get this.

do I use the hldsupdatetool?
if so what is the switch to pull in the SRCDS. I have run this tool several times and this file is not amongst my downloaded files.

thanks again
ahhhh... someone turned the light on!

now i get it.... dod and dods .... completely different games...

thanks for the replies.. I think I am ok now...

just have to use the flag '-game dods' to get day of defeat source for the HL2 engine



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