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I have a question about my server.
I need to find out the rates which would work best with mine.

Amd XP Athlon 2600+
384 Ram
Nvidia GeForce 6600+ 256 mb AGP
(Crappy Speeds)
1.5mb down
256kb up
Run on my external HDD.
Should work fairly well, except your ram, which is pretty low. Don't turn up your heapsize, thats for sure. I recommend upgrading to atleast 512, unless anyone else can run a server on that amount of memory.
memory isn't whats gonna limit, he will have more then enough memory to run any server 256kb uplink can handle Toungue as far as rates though..

you should try to keep them kinda low, if its a 66 tick like 70 maxupdaterate about 7000 maxrate.

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