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Getting server to work for non-local area people
I had my server set up amonth ago and everything was working great, but now i tried it again (and we now have qwest instead of comcast) and it will only let me add it with my local ip...
i went to and it tells me my ip is
and i have them put in and it doesn't work. please help
first of all. why port 27006?! the servers default port is 27015. and if you have a router you will have to forward the ports through the router first. then basically it should work, but the server itself will always be on the lan ip, and you will always have to connect to the lan ip, others will have to connect through the external ip.
I just opened the port. but even when i go into my console in counterstrike, if i'm connected to the server and type "ip" it comes up with,

Quote:] ip
"ip" = "localhost"
- Overrides IP for multihomed hosts

which makes me think my server isn't set up for internet hosting...i dunno though

Oh and I don't know why 27006. When I open 'Source Dedicated Server' the UDP port is set to 27015. But when I start the server and join on my own computer this message comes up in my console

Quote:connected, address ""
Client ÐĕÐ | Al Puppy² connected (

So i just opened ports 27006-27015. And I've been having my friend try my ip with BOTH ports, just to make sure.
yea, no, 27006 is just what the client communicates through server side, they should not connect through that port. just 27015. and you have to have port 27015 opend in the computer firewall, tcp and udp. also make sure you hve the ports forwarded right on your router. and also, make sure sv_lan is set to 0. with all of that in place is should work. and the whole ingame ip, that can be set to anything in your server.cfg file with the cvar, ip <externalip address> but it doesn't have to be set.
ok, I have that port forwarded, so i'll just make sure sv_lan is set to 0 and have my friend test it and then be back here if I have any more questions

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