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Decrease latency?
Hey all,
is there any way to decrease everybody who's playing on the server's latency? (the latency TAB shows)....i server runs lag free, nice and smooth, except, the latencies arent all that good, so i am trying to find a way to, say, fake latencies?

Thanks in advance!
I don't know of a way to "fake it".

If you're downloading/uploading something while you're running the server, that'll make pings go up, so try not to do that.

The easiest way to decrease latency would be to get a better connection, but that isn't an option for everyone Big Grin.

There's really not that much you can do about it on your end. It's mostly the ISP's problem.
I noticed cl_cmdrate decreses there any way to do cl_cmdrate to everybody's comps?
you can, but it doesn't actually decrease latency, and can at times cause lag. well you won't lag yourself, but everyone else will appear to be lagging. really theres not much you can do, try running a ping booster of some sort, and set fps_max to 600 that could help latency a little. but really, if its not lagging, then theres not much you can do. really, most of the latency is through your isp.
Thanks for the reply, skeletor.

I have fps_max set to 600, and windows media player is running, is there any other kind of "ping booster" that you guys know of?
they all do the same thing, they don't actually "boost the ping" they just raise server fps, which usually helps decrease the latency a little. although using like the one in serverchecker or downloading srcdsfpsbooster might use a lil less system resources then media player, but i don't think that would help any, cuz cpu load will usually cause lagg before latency.
also what i did was i turned on sv_unlag because some people lagged a lot on my server, but I heard that this command had some wierd side effects or something.
yea, i have heard od things about that cvar, so i just leave it alone Toungue
yeah, but so far, i'vee gotten no complaints, so i guess its ok for me Smile

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