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help with server tking
when playing on my server, whenever someone kills me it brings up the tk forgive options. i do not understand because my server is not using teams. i can turn the tk protect and forgive options off in the admin menu but when i restart the server they come back on. how do i disable the tk thing so it stays that way?

by the way im using hl2dm server not ccs.
In your mani_server.cfg, you should have these two options set to 0:
Quote:mani_tk_protection 0 // Enable TK Protection 1 = on, 0 = off
mani_tk_forgive 0 // Enable TK Punishment menu 1 = on, 0 = off

Right now both, or one, (can't remember how it is out-of-the-box) is likely set to 1.
both of them are set to 0. and it does not make a difference. and yes i restarted my server plenty of times.
After you've made the change, try this command via rcon:

"rcon exec mani_server.cfg". See if that does away with it.

If that works, add "exec mani_server.cfg" to your server.cfg so it'll be executed every time the server starts.
i do not think i have "server.cfg" where would it be located and if i do not have it where do i get one or how do i make one?
server.cfg should be located inside the mod's "cfg" directory. Ex: if you're running hl2dm, it'd be in your steam folder under "hl2mp/cfg/". If it does not already exist, just create it and put whatever you want in it.

I think someone posted a server.cfg maker a while back, but I can't find the link. It may have only been for CS:S; I don't remember.
yea, i have a crappy config maker, but its got the basics.. its at it should have everything you need.. just at the end there will be a line thats //exec mani_server.cfg you will need to take out the // so that it will exec the mani config file.
lol, well i guess my site isn't working =(

nvm... its working, just going very very slow.. bah my poor over worked server, lol. well.. actually i don't think it is working..

just open up notepad, put a few of the basic cvars in it, and save it as "server.cfg" with the quotes or it might save it as server.cfg.txt and it wo uldn't work like that. just be sure to add exec mani_server.cfg in the file..

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