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another question(resolved.)
how do i change the info on the page that apears berfore t or ct pick??
also mani mod wont work it shows so many errors and i think i put all the files in the right places. wen i load my server it says blah not found other blah not found mani cant find sumthin else blah ur an idiot ...

plz i need a tutorial on installing mani but dont take me to that complicated page with the green writing and the tabs on the side

also dont forget the first question just the mani ones more important...

thx in advance all help apreciated
Mani is not difficult to install. Reading the documentation is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with it, its not complicated. To install it all you have to do is copy the cstrike folder from the unzipped file to the SRCDS\cstrike folder, or wherever you have yours installed. That should take care of the errors. As for the "info that appears before T or CT pick", its also known as the MOTD. Go to the SRCDS/cstrike folder and find motd.txt. It's in html so you'll need to know a bit o' that.
thx ill try that and tell u how it goes

hmm now in the consol window wen i run my server it doesnt say anything about mani... is this normal??
Start your server and post a screenshot of the console.
k gimme a sec

You want to change the MOTD or message of the day.

In the mod dir edit the motd.txt to your liking. You can even use html to link to an offsite MOTD or make it look better with some images or what not.
thx i changed the begining page now i just need help with mani
Ok extract the mani zip file. There should be a cstrike folder. You copy that folder over the srcds/cstrike folder. Then try reloading the server. You should see a change in the console. After you have for sure got mani to work I would then go to mani_Server.cfg and edit that to your likings. You also need "exec mani_server.cfg" in your server.cfg file.
Dont u need Meta Mod Source for mani to work ??

do u have that installed ?
u dont need metamod.... if u want to change your motd.txt u use HTML coding: here my motd.txt(put the link to your own pic in there)

body{ background-color: #000000; } </style>
<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

that is one pic with a little bit of black in the back.

(i just moded the pic with microsoft paint to have the rules in the pic)
[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]
y mani folder now is C:\srcds\cstrike\cstrike

meaning i just put the cstrike folder that comes with mani into c strike(thats what i understood from what the first person said...)
but that doesnt seem to work...
do i replace the csrtike folder with the mani cstrike???
k it shows a couple errors but the commands work so im not comlaining thx to everyone who helped it worked

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