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Optimal Rate Settings
Hey guys I need the optimal rate settings for my server. sv_maxrate/sv_minrate fps_max etc etc.
My servers web speed is 13438 KBPS UP and 26371 DOWN, i run a 32 man server.
well the best answer anyone can tell you is.. to test and play with it! =)

but you could start with like a sv_maxrate of 15000 minrate just set to like 5000 or something, i don't think it matters too much as far as performance. fps_max will be limited by the systesm res timer, with pingbooster though you could set it at 600. if the system can handle it that is. and do you have the tickrate set? you should probly set the tickrate to 66, and then you should set the sv_maxupdaterate to like 80 (if the system cpu can handle it) but regardless the maxupdaterate needs to be at, or above the tickrate.
I need to lower my friends pings, we are all pinging 80-100. All that bandwidth doesnt seem to be used. I thought there was a way to calculate the perfect rate settings, based on download/upload speed?
no there isn't a way really to calculate the perfect rate settings, and ping really doesnt have much to do with bandwidth. its the time it takes for a signal from the client to server. or point a to b. the high ping is probly cuz your isp sux, and has a crappy infrastructer, that is the main reason why there are very few quality home dedicated server, 80-100 ping is actually pretty normal for a home dedicated server. if you want to find out why the lat is so high for your friends, get one of there ip's, and open cmd prompt (start-run-type in cmd, hit enter) and then type in tracert <friends ip> and then it will list all the jumps it has to take to get from your computer, to your friends, and the latency of each jump. if them are high enough, then the best rates in the world wont' lower ping Wink
I'm not running it from home. Can you pm me your msn or aim? I added you to xfire but you arent online.

EDIT! Whenever I see anyone on the other team my choke goes up to 14. This is the same for all the people i've asked. the game is almost unplayable because you cant hit anyone!
yea i accepted your add on xfire, but i haven't been back to that computer since, lol. its downstairs and im upstairs on my other computer =)

but theres lots of causes for choke.. heres kind of a guide on it written by whisper.

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