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Strange error
I've tried browsing through the forums for a problem similar to mine, but so far I've come up empty handed. Please forgive me if this is well-known.

A few days back I tried messing with the tickrate for a dedicated server I was setting up. I heard it could help ease the strain on the CPU and connection. Just to experiment I tried changing the tickrate, via the command line -tickrate option, from 66 to 33. I wasn't expecting it to work, and I was right. The view models jumped around, phys objects would jump around, other players would jump around, animations were out of sync with sound, guns would empty entire clips with the push of a button; just weird stuff. So I removed the tickrate option and went on my merry way. But to my surprise the server was still glitching out, as if the tickrate had not changed back to 66. So I tried setting it through the command line to 66. Still wasn't working correctly. After hours of digging through cfg files looking for a tickrate variable, I gave up and reinstalled hl2dm. Still no luck. So I reinstalled Steam. Still no luck. So I assumed there must be something hidden from sight storing the tickrate which hadn't come out with Steam. I reformatted. Still no luck. I thought it must be an option tied to my account. So I tried setting up a DS on the same machine as before, just under a different account. Still no luck. I am going insane trying to find out why the dedicated server seems to be totally broken on my machine. I can start one, I can join it, but everything behaves as if I had been hit with a severe case of lag. I've tried setting one up under my account on another machine with no trouble, and the problem extends to both the steam and standalone versions of srcds.exe

Can anyone help me out? It's very important that I get this working, if not for my work than for my mental well-being.
so you installed it on another computer with no trouble? as in it wasn't lagging?.. and if your trying to run srcds and play at the same time, it doesn't work a lot of times, you need a fairly beefey computer to do that.

what are the computers specs? and is it a dod:s server? cuz css and hl2dm servers default to 33 tick. there is nothing that "stores the tickrate" so i don't think it has anything to do with the tick at all.

whats the cpu usage like on the server while your in the server and its lagging?
Thanks for the reply Smile

Yeah, I installed srcds on another PC and had no trouble connecting to that machine from my own and playing (without lag), nor did I have any difficulty playing as a client on that machine while it also acted as a DS (without lag). I should also mention that up until I messed with the tickrate, I had no problems running a DS and a client at the same time on my machine. I can also run a ds on this machine and connect to it from another without the strange "lag". The weirdness only pops up when I try to run a ds and the client on the same machine, and even then it only applies to this machine in particular. The other machine has no problem with that.

I only look to run a ds and client on the same machine because it's the best (and easiest) way to work on my mod. It enforces the client/server relationships in a strict way, unlike a listen server. I could go ahead and setup a seperate machine for this, but it would be a big hassle, and it worked for months on one machine.

My own machine, the laggy one, has an Athlon 64 3400+, 1024MB of RAM, and a 6800 Ultra. The other machine has the same CPU, 512MB of RAM, uses an integrated DX9 chip for the GPU, and yet it manages the task quite well. The problem spans across all games, hl2mp, dod:s, and css, although I originally intended to use srcds for a mod. CPU usage is 95-100% while playing any source engine game, regardless of whether or not I'm also running a ds in the background. My latest bit of testing was done with HL2MP and DOD:S. I have yet to install my mod, so that doesn't seem to play any role in all of this (and my teammates/testers don't run into this problem).

Thanks again for your reply. I hope this new informations is helpful Smile
well if your cpu usage is 95-100 without even runnin srcds, then that would explain why it lags, lol. i would imagine that theres something wrong with something, lol. because something is making your cpu usage jump a lot while in game, and from what little i know of amd, your cpu should do better then that. you don't have some goofey nvidia firewall running do you? (some other guy that made the server lag) and was there anything else you did to the computer around the same time as you initially changed the tickrate? like install any programs, update hardware, install hardware? uninstall anything?
When I run srcds I close all other apps, firewalls included Smile

I didn't do anything else when I changed the tickrate. No hardware/software installations, no uninstallations, no OS updates, nothing. You think I should have a lower CPU usage while inside a source engine game? I noticed it skyrockets to 100% if I'm actually playing, but it doesn't matter if I'm just running around on a listen server or inside of a dedicated one. And it's always done that, even when things worked. Also, when I'm running just the DS, CPU usage might jump up to 20% or so, but that's it.

Anyways, thanks for your help so far. I appreciate it Smile
hmm.. man. when i play source my cpu never goes above 55%, lol. and running a dedicated server with 12 bots it only uses like 10%, and thats on a intel p4 3.0 GHz. lol, but anywas... hmmmm. i don't know, i think this one has me lost. cuz really if the cpu is at 100% the server should lag. and really when your playing your cpu shouldn't be at 100%, cuz thats just crazy high. sooo that said. i don't know Big Grin i think its easier to run srcds on another computer anyways, lol. thats what i do by choice, but then again on my computer desk i have 4 different computers running right now. Wink
Well I appreciate your efforts, thanks Smile

I guess I'll just have to take the plunge and setup a true DS. It's probably worth it anyways Smile
yea, sorry i couldn't help too much, but really it is probly better either way to set it up on another computer.

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